Terms and Conditions

  1. A Peak 5% Surcharge is applied to all public holidays, school & summer holidays & large events in Rotorua.
  2. STAG/Hens/Birthdays/Socialising/alcohol add 15% Cleaning Surcharge+$200 noise bond.
  3. Extra day visitors must be first requested, and should leave before 5pm. If you’d like to include them in your social activities here, they must request and pay the same accommodation charges as guests of our facilities.
  4. Renter must sign credit card for any extra charges; damages/losses/collection costs/noise bond/extra cleans.
  5. Several quotes may be out at any one time, and we are listed on automatic booking sites, so all bookings are taken on a ‘first-deposit, first confirm’ basis. We do not ‘pencil’ or ‘hold’ temp bookings sorry, it’s just too messy.
  6. All direct bookings require a 10% non-refundable deposit to confirm, a further progress payment, plus the balance is due 14 days before you arrive – all payments due become non-refundable. Payments can be made by cash, bank transfer, or Visa/Mastercard by supplying number, expiry date, name on card, and your full contact details. For cancellations or no-shows the amounts above will be charged to the credit card supplied.
  7. Bookings through secondary websites often have stricter non-refundable payment requirements.
  8. We will email your Confirmation back to you with Directions and Holiday House Rules. **Your booking is not definite until you get a CONFIRMATION email back!!**
  9. COVID – All direct bookings are transferable or refundable if Covid restrictions prevent your travel.
  10. COVID – As we are accommodation under the hospitality industry, we have adopted the Vaccine Passport system – this means all guests will need to produce their vaccine passport at check-in, to stay with us.
  11. Check-in is normally after 3:15pm and check-out is 10am, unless otherwise arranged. We are an active, outdoorsy family, so you MUST let us know your check-in time to leave a key out for you – we are often out.
  12. Understating the guest numbers who stay/sleep over is liable for instant termination of your stay with no refunds.
  13. We are a NIL DRUGS and NON SMOKING farm. Do NOT smoke indoors – if you must outside, put all butts in bins!
  14. All day visitors must abide by the same Terms & Conditions, ie quiet, respect, and non-interruption of other guest’s and neighbour’s peaceful enjoyment – absolutely no criminal or gang affiliations on site at any time.
  15. Your booking is taken on the understanding that you accept the following: Any damages at full replacement cost, lost fixtures or fittings, excess rubbish, extra cleaning at $50 per hour, loss of noise bond, or other losses or extra costs incurred, cancellation fees, including all collection costs on unpaid charges, are payable by the renter, signed by and accepted to the credit card presented.
  16. Pets are welcome, but you must follow the Doggie Rules (ie no free ranging indoors) so we do have baby gates for the lounge, and the outdoor areas are fenced to 1m high.

Holiday Homes only

  1. There is a minimum 2 night rent for both buildings most times of the year, but 3-4 minimum night rent on public holiday periods. Minimum person-charges depend on the period and the booking – IE for alcoholic or socialising, both buildings must be booked together, with a minimum 12-person charge.
  2. The deposit, progress payment, and balances due are non-refundable, unless Covid prevents travel.
  3. The Holiday Homes are self-catering, which means you bring your own food. We supply the first rolls of toilet paper and bath soap, some basic herbs & spices, and some complimentary tea and coffee. Please bring your own bulk supplies. We usually provide free farm eggs.
  4. We supply all bedding plus a clean towel for each guest at the beginning of your stay. A washing machine & dryer is provided to wash towels or clothing during your stay in the Cottage.
  5. We wash all linen at the end (please leave bedding alone) and service the bathroom. You are expected to tidy the kitchen, remove rubbish & clean BBQ, before check out.
  6. The House Rules and 10pm noise restriction, even for STAG/HENS, must be obeyed.
  7. Any damages, losses or excess clean up fees will be charged to the credit card supplied.

Bed & Breakfast only

  1. Single night stays are welcome in the Bed & Breakfast, however we suggest that Rotorua is ideally a 3-night destination due to the huge number of local attractions!
  2. The deposit, progress payment, and balances due are non-refundable, unless Covid prevents travel.
  3. For the Bed & Breakfast, we supply a full continental spread at your leisure in the Lodge – you will just need to get the fruit, yogurt, and cold drinks from the fridge when you are ready.
  4. There are also kitchen facilities to prepare your own meals during the day if you wish, around our own family cooking times.
  5. There are unlimited tea & coffee supplies, either in your room or in the main kitchen.
  6. There is a wee fridge in the King & Twin rooms with kettle and tea/coffee making facilities.
  7. Fresh towels are supplied as you need, but we only do a full service of the rooms after you leave (ie you will have to make your own beds daily).
  8. Free Farm Tours can be arranged in the evenings to suit – remember this is also a working farm, so don’t be alarmed if our kids point out a mature beast that is destined for the freezer!

Socialising/Alcohol & Noise Rules

  1. Respectful socializing / drinking is welcome if you have booked both Cottage & Cabin. No loud parties.
  2. We do have families with young children over the fence, so please consider them at all times.
  3. For socializing, you must have a nominated supervisor (21yrs+) in charge to guarantee the $200 noise bond.
  4. This supervisor must also provide their cellphone# to receive/rectify any noise complaints immediately.
  5. Extra day visitors are not included in your socializing unless they have booked and paid as guests.
  6. We encourage you to START EARLY and do the fun stuff before 10pm – eg an afternoon BBQ and games on the lawn is great, but music must die down at 10pm sharp (ie go to clubs in town).
  7. You are even welcome to invite strippers or arrange other activities as long as you check in with us prior, they are before 10pm, and the dance/music/cheering squad is INSIDE with doors closed.
  8. Noise must be down and INDOORS by 10pm with doors/windows closed. This includes NO SPA or outside deck socializing after 10pm, as people forget how loud conversations get when you are having fun.
  9. There must be NO screaming, swearing or foul language outside at any time – respect our neighbors’ peace.
  10. Disorderly behavior, outdoor yahooing/yelling or loud music will not be tolerated – we reserve the right to remove any guests if a warning has not been respected and/or charge for any damages/costs incurred, with no refund of your rental price or noise bond.
  11. Complete quiet by midnight or I turn into an evil witch.
  12. If you have only booked ONE building, there must be complete quiet by 8pm, as children in the other building will be heading to sleep. We recommend you book both properties if doing any drinking at all.
  13. Any sick anywhere on the property, including lawns, carpets or bedding, must be IMMEDIATELY cleaned with warm soapy water!! Anything that remains, including any smells, colour fading or damage to property, you will be charged for full replacement costs; even if one areat on the carpet, the whole carpet may need replacing.

Pet Rules


Dogs are welcome at Arias Farm as long as they stay outside (or on the kitchen lino in winter/sleeping), are used to other guests, and behave themselves when run under supervision (like leave our cats and chooks alone and stay in your area). Dogs/Cats are NOT ALLOWED TO FREE RUN INSIDE THE COTTAGES or free range on the larger property outside your fenced section. For cats, small lap dogs and house dogs, this can be a challenge – please set up the baby gate provided to restrict bedroom access, and bring your own sheets to cover the furniture in the lounge if they will jump on it. We simply can’t have animal hairs on carpet or bedding, for future guest’s cleanliness and allergies.

Before you come:

While you’re here;

When you leave;

We look forward to meeting you and helping make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Cheers for now,

Kerris & Chris Browne – email: info@ariasfarm.com, cell 021 753 691